Welcome!  My name is Celeste. I am an artist, and yoga instructor. Originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, I currently reside in a small Alberta town with my husband, raising our family in a historic 1918 Craftsman home where life really is a work of art.

Much of my childhood was spent at my
grandparent’s little seaside home. I can vividly recall my eyes aching as I looked out over the water, hoping to catch even the quickest flash of a mermaid’s tail. This sense of wonder, and magic is with me today, and it remains a large influence on my art, along with nature, history, mythology, literature...even everyday moments. Inspiration can often be found by looking at the seemingly mundane through fresh eyes.

Sensual, whimsical, ethereal and feminine. These are a few adjectives others have used to describe my art. To me it is an exploration into finding harmony, body, and soul. Coaxing images to life from a blank canvas or sheet of paper helps me celebrate my joy and love of life with creative purpose. 
I work with a variety of mediums such as oils, acrylics, watercolors, and photography and vintage textiles. I instinctively gravitate towards gentler curves and softer lines– perhaps in keeping with my philosophies in life. Experimenting with form and color, as well as learning new ways of expressing myself challenge me to find the harmony that connects the visual with the spiritual.

 Celeste works out of her home studio where she sells her artwork direct, and online. She has completed numerous commissions, from portraits to tattoos, and has had her art featured in Amulet magazine, and had her photography published in the Airdrie Echo. To request a commission, or inquire about providing gallery representation, please submit a contact form.